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Sociology in the News

Summer 2016 Courses

SESSION: First Session
DAYS/TIME: MTWRF 9:45 - 11:15
COURSE NUMBER: Soc 310 Section 001 CRN 81461
COURSE TITLE: American Society

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Judy C. Morelock

Course Description: 
This course examines selected facets of American society. First, we will address the nature of values and beliefs; the importance of value inconsistencies, conflicts, and change; and the interrelatedness of other elements of American social structure and culture that affect behavior and institutions. Second, we will study the impact of the media on our lives and the way propagandists threaten some basic values while promoting others. Third, we will analyze inequality in American life, including inequities of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and gender. Fourth, crises in major social institutions will be examined. These institutions include the economy, education, and the polity.


SESSION: First Session
DAYS/TIME: MTWTF 1:30-3:00
COURSE NUMBER: Soc 110 CRN: 18459
COURSE TITLE: Social Problems/ Social Justice 

INSTRUCTOR: Bethany Nelson 

Course Description: 
The course offers students an excellent opportunity to learn sociological concepts in a way that is relevant to everyday life. In the first summer session we will be utilizing the children's book, We Are All Born Free: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures, to understand how the things we collectively believe in do not always come to fruition. By approaching social injustices from this perspective we can begin to challenge our own assumptions about collective life and the value we place on institutions. In lieu of a final paper, we will address social injustices by creating a children's book over a social problem. In creating a book for children we can begin to think about a world made better through collective action in simple terms.

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