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Recent Graduates

All UT Sociology Theses and Dissertations, as well as undergrad honor's theses, are now deposited electronically in TRACE and are available at: Information on our graduates is divided into sections for PhD students and MA students.

Ph.D. Graduates

Name (Year) Dissertation Committee Chair Current Position
John Bradford
Systems, Social Order, and the Global Debt Crisis Dr. Harry F. Dahms University of Alabama, Huntsville Dept. of Sociology
Meghan Conley
Immigrant Rights in the Nuevo South:  Enforcement and Resistance at the Borderlands of Illegality Dr. Stephanie Bohon James Farmer Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Rights, University of Mary Washington
Lauren Copley
Uncovering Latino Sex Trafficking in a New Destination Area: A Case Study Dr. Michelle Brown Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Wanjun Cui
The Effect of Race on Crime: A Multilevel Analysis Dr. Stephanie Bohon Postdoctoral Fellowship (from ORISE)
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Kimberly Davis
The Role of "Sense of Place": A Theoretical Framework to Aid Urban Forest Policy Decision-Making Dr. Robert (Bobby) E. Jones Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Beth Easterling
Parenting from Prison: A Qualitative Study of Incarcerated Mothers in Kentucky Dr. Lois Presser Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Gallaudet University
Andrew Gunnoe
Financial Forests: A Financial Political Economy of the US Forest Products Industry, 1945 to the Present Dr. Paul K. Gellert Assistant Professor of Sociology, Maryville College
Sarah Hendricks
Mobility and Isolation: Latino Immigrant Adjustment in Atlanta, Georgia Dr. Stephanie Bohon Adjunct Instructor, Department of Sociology, Drake University
Robert Keeton
"To Preserve This Much-Injured Race": Techniques of Neutralization and Indian Removal, 1829-1831 Dr. Lois Presser Assistant Professor and Program Director
Department of Criminal Justice
Lincoln Memorial University
James Maples
Changes in US Ethnic Niches, 2005-2010 Dr. Stephanie Bohon Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
Carmel Price
Women and the Environment:  Mediating and Moderating Effects of Gender and Demographic Characteristics of Environmental Concern Dr. Stephanie Bohon Assistant Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Aaron Routhe
Religion's Influence on Environmental Concern: U. S. Evangelicals' Construction of Climate Change Perceptions Dr. Sherry Cable  
Aaron Rowland
How Left a Turn? Legacies of the Neoliberal State in Latin America Dr. Jon Shefner Assistant Professor of Sociology
Department of Behavioral Sciences
The University of Tennessee, Martin
Dima Sarbo Contested Legitimacy: Coercion and the State in Ethiopia Dr. Jon Shefner Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship
Jennifer L. Schally
Agent of Harm or Good Corporate Citizen?: The Case of Tyson Foods Dr. Lois Presser Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Jennifer Scroggins
Gender, Social Ties, and Prisoners' Reentry Experiences

Dr. Hoan Bui

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Montana State University - Billings

Alex Stoner
Sociobiophysicality, Cold War, and Critical Theory: Human-Ecological Transformation and Contemporary Ecological Subjectivity Dr. Harry F. Dahms Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Salisbury University, Maryland
Stacy Tucker
Unto the Least of These: The Pentecostal Church and Social Ministry Dr. Asafa Jalata Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Lee University
Tobin Walton
Self, Society, & Environment in the 21st Century:  The Development and Assessment of an Ecological Identity Scale Dr. Robert E. Jones Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sarah Whiteford
Adolescent Female Substance Use: An Examination of Male Peer Influences and Parental Control

Dr. Suzanne Kurth

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Hartwick College

M.A. Graduates

Name (Year) Thesis Committee Chair
Elizabeth East
The Politics of Protection and Promotion: The Case of the Coal Industry in Environmental Politics Dr. Robert (Bobby) Jones
George Gondo
Mediating Justice: Toward A Critical-Reflexive Sociology Dr. Harry F. Dahms
Liam Hysjulien
Growing a Local Movement: New Social Movements, Food, and Activism Dr. Jon Shefner
Jenna Lamphere
Understanding Biotechnology: Conceptualizing and Measuring US Public Dr. Robert (Bobby) Jones
Larry Long
Education & Crime: A Study in Student Perceptions of Culpability Dr. Stephanie A. Bohon
Rahim Manji
Looking at Bystanding Through the Lens of Criminological Theory Dr. Lois Presser
Zach McKenney
Who Supports Labor? The Intersection of Race and Skill in Union Campaigns Dr. Jon Shefner
Steven Panageotou
The Global Debt Minotaur: An Analysis of the Greek Financial Crisis Dr. Jon Shefner
Kayla Stover
I am Working for the Good Guys:" Street-Level Enforcement of the Clean Water Act in East Tennessee Dr. Sherry Cable
William V. Taylor
Short-Term Missions: Reinforcing Beliefs and Legitimating Poverty Dr. Stephanie A. Bohon
Shane Willson
The Financial Crisis as an Expression of Macrohistorical Trends: World Hegemony, Neoliberal Globalization, and Financialization in 21st Century Capitalism Dr. Jon Shefner
Nicholas Zeller
New Means, Old Ends? World Bank Governmentality in Thailand and Lao People's Democratic Republic Dr. Paul K. Gellert

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