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Graduate Student


I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA in Sociology and a Concentration in Criminology and Criminal Justice in 2016. I am currently a second year MA student pursuing a degree in Critical Criminology. I am interested in the ways that film shapes our social conceptions and understandings of crime, criminality, harm, and justice. My other interests include: abolition, critical carceral studies, transformative justice, criminological theory, and critical race and ethnic studies. I am currently working on a thesis that explores the myriad filmic social constructions of crime and harm throughout the last 20 years of U.S. cinema. I plan to pursue a PhD in Criminology and Critical Race upon the completion of my MA program. While pursuing my MA, I have assisted on a research project entitled “Racialized Automobility as a Barrier to Voting in the US South.” My responsibilities included collecting data from the US Decennial Census, American Community Survey, and Foundation Data with data crosswalks and Stata 17, where I pulled data from several southern states in an attempt to find whether the closure of southern polling locations had an effect on the southern voter turnout.

I am currently teaching Sociology 110: Social Problems and Social Justice, here at UT.

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