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Graduate Student

Adria Ryan MclaughlinAdria Ryan Mclaughlin

My research interests are in reproductive justice using an intersectional lens. Using critical race theory as my primary foundation, I explore how mainstream discourse surrounding “reproductive rights” reinforce racial stratification and oppression. My research is rooted in the understanding that gender, race, class, and other social identities are complex and interlocking and they impact people’s lives and social locations in varying ways. These overlapping identities cannot be oversimplified or essentialized to any one aspect, so an intersectional framework is necessary to understand how reproduction is regulated and suppressed in ways that impact certain groups of people differently.



  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Social Problems/Social Justice

Other Universities:

  • Religion, Culture, & Society
  • Ethnographic Fieldwork
  • Marriage & Family
  • Social Problems Intro to Sociology

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