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Joel M. CrombezJoel M. Crombez

I am currently working on my MA in Sociology with a concentration in Theory and Political Economy. I received my BA from the University of Colorado – Boulder, with majors in English and Sociology (2007). I spent the next several years working in Latin America for a data storage company architecting solutions for enterprise level data centers; splitting my time between Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Boulder, CO.

Theory; History of Modernism; Political Economy; Science and Technology Studies; Posthuman Studies

My research is engaged in the construction of a fatal theory of the human, specifically located within the shifting perceptions of the human experience of space and time in modernity.  I examine the effects of the technologically mediated reality of human and nonhuman actors when confronted with the finitude of our planetary space and look to the consequences that this has on both sociology as a discipline and the definition of life itself.

  • The Human Species in the Age of Its Technological Remediation. Paper presented at the Mid-South Sociological Association Annual Conference, October 23-26, 2013. Atlanta, GA.
  • Crombez, Joel. 2013. Book Review: "Pastoral and Monumental: Dams, Postcards, and the American Landscape." Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society.

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