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Student Voices

Student voices is an outlet for students to share their views on the Global Studies program. Below are what some students have to say about the program.

    Global Studies saved my college career.  Okay, maybe that is a bit extreme, but there is truth to this statement.  Nearing the end of my second year in school I had not yet chosen a major, not solely because of my indecisiveness but because of a lack of a major that embodied all of my interests.  I was leaning toward designing my own major, modeling a curriculum based on my globally concerned interests of environmental science, culture, language and political science.  I also wanted a major with solid foundations in applicable studies; a major that I would enjoy, I could be proud of, yet would still be marketable in the real world.

    So, the time came when I absolutely had to decide on a future for myself at the University of Tennessee.  As I described my interests and my needs with a college education, my advisor suddenly remembered a new major, actually not quite a major yet, that sounded exactly like what I had described.  It was called Global Studies and as soon we looked at the class guide on the web site (that had just been uploaded the day before!)  I felt relief and excitement... I had found the major for me.  My first semester in the Global Studies program was amazing.  And the semesters that followed only got better.  I am still blown away at the truly Global education that I received as a part of this awesome program.

    I chose Global Studies because of the curriculum, the wonderful selection of classes, the opportunities to come in contact with different religions, cultures, environmental issues, political systems and economic exchanges everyday in class.  The variety and applicable nature of these classes to the real world and the wonderful teachers and professors who expressed seemingly foreign, but soon familiar ideas made this major amazing. 

    I graduated on December 17, 2005 with a Bachelors of the Arts Degree in Global Studies.  My concentration was Global Politics and Economics and I also obtained a minor in Business Administration.  I currently reside in Denver, Colorado where I work with a group who battles corporate polluters through a "good neighbor" campaign.  I also work in Marketing and Promotions with the Westword, a free publication here in Denver.  My long term plans however are abroad.  I was lucky to study abroad while I was at the University of Tennesse in Chengdu, China with Dr. Yang Zhong.  I had an amazing experience and I plan to return for the year of 2007 to teach English as a foreign language.  I will receive my TEFL certificate in by the end of the summer and then I am off to China. 

    The major I chose three years ago is taking me on a whirlwind of adventures, has shown me that one person can make a difference and has opened up the world to me one page, one assignment, one lecture at a time.


    I have very diverse interests in many fields including languages, economics, politics, culture, and law. The Global Studies major has provided me with the flexibility to explore all of these interests and bridge connections between them. As a GS major I have already studied in Spain and will soon be traveling to China and later South America. I will also intern with a Congressman in D.C. for a semester. In all of these different pursuits I will be receiving credit through the major. The experience the major has already provided me with has allowed me to develop many useful skill sets for whatever career I may pursue. I will leave the program with advanced language training in both Spanish and Chinese, as well as experience teaching English as a second language. I will also have extensive travel experience after living in 3 other continents. I will have completed upper level courses in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Legal Studies, History, Religious Studies, Spanish, and Chinese. Whereas most majors prepare students for a specific field and expose them to a limited field of material, the Global Studies major provides students with a much broader view. I believe this education is necessary in the ever-shrinking world we live in, and it prepares students for any career path.


    One of the things I like best about an interdisciplinary major like global studies is the flexibility it allows you.  It is truly reflective of our globalizing world as it encourages taking a wide range of classes in many different subject areas.  This makes it an ideal major, second major, or minor.  Studying global and transnational issues has become extremely important in society today.  The introductory level class, Global Studies 250, provides you with the tools to examine international issues and events.  It opened up a new way of thinking on themes like globalization, the international economy, and human rights.

    Global studies fits in with my career plans in a variety of ways.  I hope to pursue a career in one of several different areas.  International law, teaching at the university level, and diplomacy are all fields career fields I am interested and global studies me with a solid background to pursue any of these opportunities.



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