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Thomas C. HoodThomas C. Hood

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D.1969, Duke University

University of Tennessee
912B McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0490

Phone: (865) 974-7026

I am collecting information (literature and data) and writing in three areas. First, I draw on the work of Erving Goffman. Three projects are of interest. First, I am completing some unpublished papers on religious conversion, then I will compile them along with several published papers into a monograph. Second, I am exploring the link between appearance and the attribution of gender. Third, I am editing lectures on Goffman's work for publication. The second area is environmental sociology. I am revising a working paper on environmental justice. I am evaluating the impact of environmental education at the University of Tennessee on student and facility attitudes and behavior. A project in the planning stage will describe the nuclear power generation program of Tennessee Valley Authority. The third area is collective behavior and social movements. I am revising and expanding a paper on collective distress and suffering. Also I have text in progress of collective behavior and social movements.

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