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Shaneda DestineShaneda Destine

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology

The University of Tennessee
McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0490


Interest Areas

Race, Class, and Gender; Black Social Movements; Intersectionality; Critical Race and Political Economy


Dr. Destine’s research program centers on race, gender, sexuality, and contemporary social movements. She is most interested in how systematic oppression effects the overall well-being of marginalized people. She investigates forms of resistance of Black women and Black Queer people, as they create spaces of Black Joy and Respite, while struggling for liberation. Dr. Destine’s work is theoretically informed by Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Black Radical Social Movement Theory. Her goal is to further the notion that race, gender, class, and sexuality act as vectors of oppressions central to the sustaining global capitalism and systemic oppression, particularly through the use of state violence.

  • Destine, Shaneda, Jazzmine Brooks, Christopher Rogers. December 2020. "Covid-19, Black Maternal Mortality and the Crisis of Care." Special Issue: Feminist Analysis of COVID-19. Feminist Studies Journal 46 (3): 603-614.
  • Destine, Shaneda. November 2020. "From a Hashtag to a Movement: Black Women Movement Actors' Challenges to Leading a Radical Movement in a "Post-Racial America." Humanity and Society.
  • Destine, Shaneda and Shaina Destine. October 2020. "Black Joy is Resistance: A Collaborative Auto-Ethnography of two Black Queer Married Academics in the Trump Era." The Emotional Self at Work in Higher Education.
  • Destine, Shaneda. Published October 2019."#ReclaimingMyTime: Black Women Movement Actors' Experiences with Intra-Movement Conflicts and the Case for a Transformative Healing Justice Model." Societies without Borders: Human Rights and the Social Sciences 1(13).
  • Destine, Shaneda and Walda Katz-Fishman. July 2017. "A Critical Pedagogy with College and High School Students in St. Louis Post-Mike Brown." Humanity & Society 41 (3):1-10.
  • Katz-Fishman, Walda, Jerome, Scott and Shaneda Destine. November 2016. "The Dispossessed and Disposable: Today's Rising Movement Engages Frantz Fanon." Issues in Race & Society: An Interdisciplinary Global Journal 4 (1): 62-81.
  • Destine, Shaneda. June 2015. Review of "Young and Gay: Jamaica's Gully Queens" Produced and Directed by Christo Geoghegan of VICE News. Societies without Borders: Human Rights and the Social Sciences 10 (1). Retrieved from:
  • SOCI 460: Capitalism and Racism
  • SOCI 616: Intersectionality
  • AFST 450: Issues/Topics Afr-Am Studies
  • AFST 435: North America and the Diaspora
  • AFST 510: Special Topics
    (Graduate seminar: Historical Black social movements to the present)
  • SOCI 466: SpTp: Issues in Race/Ethnicity
    (Topics include: contemporary Black social movements, reproductive justice, and criminal justice)

Past courses include: Introduction to Sociology, College Career Advancement, Introduction to African and African American Studies, Women of Color, Sociology of Class and Inequality.

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