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Stephanie A. BohonStephanie A. Bohon

Professor and Head
Ph.D. 1998 Pennsylvania State University

The University of Tennessee
907 McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0490

Phone: 865-974-7019
Curriculum Vitae

Interest Area

Social and applied demography, new destination immigration, Latino migration, ethnic economies, and immigrant incorporation/adaptation

Dr. Bohon has been at the University of Tennessee since 2006. She received a Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography from Penn State in 1998. Her specialty areas include Demography, Immigration, Latino Sociology, Urban Sociology, and Quantitative Methodology. Dr. Bohon's most recent work examines the growth and needs of Latino migrants in the South, focusing on the difference between Latino migrant adjustment in traditional and emerging gateways.


  • Sociological Research
  • Population Issues
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Community Sociology
  • Race and Ethnic Relations


  • Research Methods in Sociology
  • Survey Research Design
  • New Urban Sociology
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods
  • Publishing
  • Bohon, Stephanie A. and Ruben Ortiz. 2021. "Structural Conditions of Police-Involved Killing in the United States." Forthcoming at Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.
  • Kilpatrick, Tanner, Elizabeth I. Johnson, Stephanie A. Bohon, Anneliese C. Bolland, and John M. Bolland. 2021. "Racial Discrimination as a Mediator between Criminal Justice Contact and Depressive Symptoms among African American Women." Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 60(4): 215-231.
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  • Bohon, Stephanie A, Katherine Stamps, and Jorge H. Atiles. 2008. "Transportation and Migrant Adjustment in Georgia."  Population Research and Policy Review 27(3):273-291

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